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Lori Spear, President, City of Lincoln Representative 

Deb Zachgo, Secretary, City of Lincoln Representative

Jeana Eckhart, USD 298 Representative
Dale Romesburg, City of Lincoln Representative
Stacey Meitler, USD 299 Representative

Lara Keever, City of Lincoln Representative
Elizabeth Sheldon, County Representative

Youth Sports Philosophy

The Lincoln Recreation Youth Program (LRYP) wants to instill the same values of our community in our youth athletes and at the same time, allow our youth athletes to become physically active and gain the benefits of a healthy life. The youth that enter the LRYP are expected to come out not only a better athlete, but also a better person. To reach this aspiration, there are five areas we need emphasize: 

Athletes always come first in the LRYP. An athlete will never be cut from a team. All participants will play at least half of the game. Athletes are expected to play a role in teamwork, and to learn to put the team before "I." They should work together to become better as a whole, rather than as individuals. Coaches and parents should help athletes set goals for themselves and help them work towards their goals.

We need to teach our youth the fundamentals of sports, so they build the confidence to continue the sport beyond the LRYP.

We have to lead by example. Therefore, no yelling, screaming, unsportsmanlike behavior or foul language will be tolerated in the LRYP by either the athletes or coaches. Others will follow the example, including spectators and parents.

Safety to athletes, coaches, and spectators should always be a main concern. We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience. This can be attained by making sure all equipment meets code of standards, and there is no foreseeable harm in the area.

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