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Lori Spear, President, City of Lincoln Representative 

Deb Zachgo, Secretary, City of Lincoln Representative

Nikki Flinn, USD 298 Representative
Dale Romesburg, City of Lincoln Representative
Stacey Meitler, USD 299 Representative

Lara Keever, City of Lincoln Representative
Jim Metz, County Representative

Chelsea Meyer, Recreation Director 

Lincoln Recreation Department Mission Statement and Philosophy 


Lincoln Recreation Department strives to create an active and healthy environment that spans the entirety of our programs.

Adult Programs Philosophy:

These programs are in place to provide a competitive yet social atmosphere while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for the adults in our community.  We expect that all participants in these programs conduct themselves in a manner that exhibits the same values we teach our youth participants.  This includes exhibiting good sportsmanship, keeping the venue free of tobacco and drugs, and respecting the facility that is being used.


Youth Fundamentals Philosophy:

These programs are noncompetitive in nature, instead we focus on teaching our youth the fundamentals of a sport, so they can build the confidence to continue moving up in our programs and beyond.  This level is for our youngest participants and includes activities like Kickball, Soccer, Little Dribblers Basketball, T-Ball, and 1st-2nd grade volleyball/basketball - NO SCORE IS KEPT IN THESE GAMES.   Lincoln Recreation Department also feels this is the time to teach our youth to handle themselves in a respectful manner, and to hold their peers to the same standard.  By learning these traits at a young age, we can help them build upon them as they continue through our programs.


Youth Competitive Philosophy:

These programs are competitive in nature and are meant to help our youth athletes prepare for a higher level of play.   In general, this level of play starts when games are scored and includes Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, and Baseball/Softball, and most seasons end in a tournament.  At this level, it is important to realize the value of being on a team verses the amount of playing time each participant receives.  It is expected that every player will attend practice and games and give full effort while demonstrating good sportsmanship.


Coaching Philosophy:

Lincoln Recreation Department coaches are volunteers, and without them we would not have successful programs.  All coaches are held to the same standard, they are expected to hold at least one practice a week where they work on fundamentals, defensive and offensive plays (when applicable), and working together as a team.  Beyond that, they all agree to conduct themselves in a manner that follows our code of conduct and to lead by example. At no time will a coach play favorites, though depending on the level of play, they may have to make difficult decisions regarding individual playing time and what is best for the team.






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