Lincoln Recreation Department
Lincoln Recreation Department

The Lincoln Recreation Department offers an abundance of programs for the Youth, Adults and Seniors alike. Our aim is for varied, enjoyable year-round programs and interesting, fun-filled activities. See the programs page for the current list of program offerings, as well as the latest results for some of the team youth activities.


One of the goals of the Lincoln Recreation Department is to instill the same values of our community in our youth athletes and there is a focus on sportsmanship and safety in all our programs. If you would like to get involved, check out the jobs page to see how you can help! We can always use more volunteers, coaches and referees!


Signing up to participate in an activity is easy! Click on the signup page and choose the activity you want to sign up for, Print the signup sheet, fill it out and drop it off at the office!

Like Watching Baseball?

If you have some free time and enjoy watching the kids play ball, come volunteer at the concession stands.  Stop by the Rec Office or call 785-524-6015 for the schedule! 

Where to Find Us

Lincon Recreation Dept.
P.O. Box 155

213 W. Lincoln Avenue

Lincoln, KS 67455

Office:  785 524-5212

Cell: 785-524-6015


Office Hours: PLEASE CALL THE REC CELL PHONE @ 785-524-6015

Current Events


June 13th:
-K-18  vs Ellsworth 6:30pm 2games
-Sylvan 12U Girls @ Sylvan vs Ellsworth  6pm 2games

June 14th:
-Sylvan 12U Girls @ Sylvan vs Ellsworth 6pm 2games
-T-Ball  6pm and 7pm
June 17th:
-Lincoln Boys Coach Pitch @ West Ball Field 7pm vs Lucas 
-Boys Midgets @ West Ball Field 8pm vs Lucas
June 19th:
-Legion vs Ellsworth @ 4pm - 2games
June 20th:
-K-18 vs Osborne @ 6:30pm 2games
June 21st:
-T-Ball 6pm and 7pm
June 22nd:
-Legion vs Beloit @ 6pm 2games
June 23rd:
-Sylvan 12U Girls @ Sylvan vs Ellsworth 6pm 2games
June 24th:
-Lincoln Boys Coach Pitch @ West Ball Field 7pm vs Wilson 
-Boys Midgets @ West Ball Field 8pm vs Wilson


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